Flatout Inc.’s False Flatbread: Misleading Protein Content

Food and Beverage Labeling

Corrado Rizzi
Jul 15, 2022

On July 15, 2022, Plaintiff Rausch, represented by Gutride Safier LLP, filed a class action lawsuit against Flatout, Inc. for its misleading protein content claims on its flatbreads. Flatout’s flatbread products state on the front of their packaging that they contain 6g of protein, but they fail to disclose the corrected protein content in the Nutrition Facts Panel on the back side of the packaging. Further, Flatout’s flatbread products consist of a poor protein source, wheat, which in fact only provides half the amount of protein Flatout’s products claim to contain.

The case, Rausch v. Flatout, Inc., is ongoing in the Northern District of California.

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