Colorado Class Action Against Brewery’s Electrolyte Infused Hard Seltzer

The Kansas City Star
Kaitlyn Alanis
Jul 14, 2022

Upslope, LLC’s Spiked Snowmelt Craft Hard Seltzer’s Electrolyte+ Series is misleading and dangerous. A class action lawsuit brought by Gutride Safier, LLP in the United States District Court of Colorado on July 1, 2022 alleges the ‘Electrolyte+’ statement on the craft hard seltzer’s front label and packaging misleads consumers into believing the product provides hydration. Further, the ‘Electrolyte+’ statement on the product insinuates the product provides nutrients from electrolytes. However adding an insignificant amount of nutrients to an alcoholic beverage will do little to overcome the harmful effects of alcohol. The case, Taylor, et al. v. Upslope, LLC, Case No. 1:2022-cv-01639, is ongoing.

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