Amended Class Action Complaint to be Filed Against Baby Food Company

Food and Beverage Labeling

Dorothy Atkins
Jul 11, 2022

After considering a pending Motion to Dismiss, Chief United States District Judge Richard Seeborg of the Northern District of California, filed an Order on July 11, 2022 allowing Plaintiffs to file an Amended Class Action Complaint against baby food company Sprout Foods Inc. The parent Plaintiffs are represented by Gutride Safier LLP, who originally filed a class action complaint against Sprout Foods Inc. in February 2022 regarding Sprout’s labeling and marketing of baby and toddler food products, products which make unlawful nutrient content claims and mislead purchasers into believing the product is healthier for children than other products. The Order confirms Plaintiffs’ UCL unlawfulness claim and unjust enrichment claims survive the Motion to Dismiss. The case, Davidson v. Sprout Foods Inc., Case No. 4:22-cv-01050, is ongoing.

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