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Free File Controversy Sparks Litigation Frenzy
MLEX US Tax Watch, May 27, 2019
Free File Controversy Sparks Litigation FrenzyMLEX US Tax WatchMay 27, 2019Byline: Paul MerrionWhat was a political …

HERTZ CORP: Bid for Judgment on Pleadings in "Moretti" Denied
Class Action Reporter, May 04, 2017
Judge Leonard P. Stark of the United States District Court for the District of Delaware denied Defendant's motion for judgment on the pleadings in …

Delaware Law Weekly, Feb 28, 2017
Putative Class Action Immunity Interactive Computer Service Provider Moretti v. The Hertz Corp., DEFAX Case No. D67675 (D.Del. Mar. 17, 2017), …

COMPANY TOWN; Ticketmaster settles lawsuit for $23 million
Los Angeles Times, May 17, 2013
Ticketmaster has agreed to settle claims for up to $23 million over a lawsuit affecting more than 1 million people who, after buying a ticket …

IMVU INC: Faces Lawsuit Over Unfair Trade Practices
Class Action Reporter, Nov 09, 2011
Peter MacKinnon, Jr., an individual, on behalf of himself, the general public and those similarly situated v. IMVU, Inc.; and Does 1 through 50, …

NETFLIX INC: Calif. Judge Approves Subscribers' Suit Settlement
Class Action Reporter, Nov 19, 2007
San Francisco Superior Court Judge Thomas Mellon Jr. approved a class-action settlement against DVD rental service Netflix, Inc., MarketWatch …

NETFLIX INC: Court Approves Settlement of DVD Renters' Lawsuit
Class Action Reporter, Nov 19, 2007
San Francisco Superior Court Judge Thomas Mellon Jr. finally approved the settlement of a class action requiring Netflix Inc. to offer a free …

Hotwire Suit Close to Takeoff
The Recorder (California), Feb 07, 2007
Internet travel companies such as Expedia have made a fortune pulling in small amounts of cash from lots and lots of consumers. But plaintiff …

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