Travel Guard Ticket Insurance and Assistance Services

Billing Practices Services for Travelers

The Allegations:

Defendants Travel Guard Group, Inc., AIG Travel, Inc., American International Group, Inc., and National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA market and sell insurance policies with a hidden charge for assistance services. Defendants sell the insurance and assistance services together under the brand name "Travel Guard." On major travel websites, including,,, and, Defendants purport to make a straight forward offer to consumers: insurance for airfare and travel arrangements consumers purchase on those websites. However, Defendants secretly and unfairly charge unsuspecting consumers additional fees on top of the calculated premium without disclosure that they are charging for those fees. In places other than the checkout screens where the transactions occur, Defendants try to justify those fees by representing that the fees are for a supposed assistance service. That service purports to allow insureds to spend time on the telephone with Defendants' customer service representatives to request information about various topics, such as directions, weather, restaurants, hotels, new travel arrangements, and possibly medical needs. But consumers are unaware of any such service and they do not want it; and they certainly do not want to pay what Defendants charge for it.

Our Goals:

Our lawsuit seeks refunds of amounts Travel Guard charged for its supposed assistance service in connection with trip insurance. It also seeks an injunction (1) preventing Defendants from charging mandatory and/or undisclosed fees in connection with trip insurance purchases; and (2) requiring Defendants to plainly and truthfully disclose all premiums, fees, and charges to consumers prior to their online purchase of insurance.


This case was filed on December 17, 2021. Defendant moved to dismiss and compel arbitration. On July 13, 2022, the Court compelled arbitration as to one plaintiff and denied the motion to dismiss.

Who is Covered:

All natural persons who purchased Travel Guard insurance policies from Defendants while residing in California since December 17, 2017 but excluding those persons who used Defendants' assistance services in connection with their Travel Guard insurance.

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