Northwestern Polytechnic University - Accreditation Fraud

For Profit Colleges and Education Fraud

The Allegations:

Northwestern Polytechnic University (NPU) recruited students from India and other countries with a promise of an accredited U.S. university degree to enable career opportunities in Silicon Valley. It hid the fact that its accrediting entity was under government investigation and that its accreditation was at risk. Students borrowed thousands of dollars in student loans to attend. Now that NPU's accreditation was revoked, students' degrees are worthless and they are ineligible for US visa extensions.

Our Goals:

We will seek to require NPU to provide refunds to students of tuition, fees, costs, and any additional damages required to enroll at another university. If NPU is successful at regaining accreditation, we will also seek to require it to permit students to transfer their credits towards a new accredited degree.


We have been retained by NPU students to pursue litigation. If you would like to join the suit please email us at

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Key Documents

2017-12-21Class Action Complaint
2018-02-27First Amended Class Action Complaint