Kandoo "Flushable" Wipes

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The Allegations:

Kandoo flushable wipes are advertised as being "flushable." But the wipes are not suitable for flushing. When flushed, the Kandoo wipes clog household plumping and city sewers.

The Results:

Pursuant to the settlement agreement approved of on June 6, 2017, class members who submitted a Valid Claim shall receive a refund of $1.00 for each Kandoo wipes package purchased in California during the between March 21, 2010 and December 9, 2016, regardless of the price the class member paid for the package or the number of wipes contained in each package.

A copy of the Order Granting Final Approval can be found below.

The deadline to apply for a refund was March 1, 2017.

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