Fastrak Tolls and Penalties

Tickets and Fines Services for Travelers Billing Practices

The Allegations:

Thousands of motorists are getting hit with penalties for crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, where you no longer pay a toll taker. Invoices often go to the wrong addresses. But motorists are still required to pay penalties for toll invoices and violations they did not receive. Motorists who wish to contest toll penalties are denied the chance to do so.

Our Goals:

Our lawsuit seeks to require the defendants to change their policies. It demands improved procedures for mailing invoices and violation notices. It seeks expanded rights to administrative review of penalties. It also requests refunds to motorists who did not receive their invoices and notices.


The Class and Subclass have been certified. Trial began in December 2019. The trial has not yet concluded. We anticipate it will continue after the COVID-19 crisis has resolved.

If you have a vehicle registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles and have been charged a toll penalty for crossing the Golden Gate Bridge since March 27, 2013 that has not been refunded, you do not need to do anything at this time. We will post updates about the lawsuit on our website so check back often. If you would like to talk to us about your experiences, you can email us at

Who is Covered:

The court certified the following Class and Subclass:

The Class (to seek future changed practices): “All persons: (i) registered as owners of vehicles with the California Department of Motor Vehicles that have, since March 27, 2013, crossed southbound on the Golden Gate Bridge; (ii) on whom Defendants imposed a toll penalty in connection with the crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge, and; (iii) who have not received a full refund of all penalties paid or waiver of all unpaid penalties.”

The Subclass (to seek monetary relief): “All Class members who were sent a toll invoice and/or violation notice using an address from which mail so addressed was returned to any Defendant as undeliverable.”

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