Canada Dry "Ginger" Ale

Food and Beverage Labeling Drugs, Supplements and Health

The Allegations:

Canada Dry ginger ale is advertised as being "made from real ginger." But the soft drink is actually made using only a tiny amount of ginger extract, plus other flavors that mimic the taste of ginger. The product does not have the health or medical benefits of real ginger.

The Results:

Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement approved of on April 10, 2019, class members who submitted a valid Claim Form received 40 cents per product unit, up to $5.20 (or 13 purchases) without proof of purchase, or $40.00 (or 100 purchases) with proof of purchase for Canada Dry Ginger Ale purchased between December 28, 2012 and June 26, 2018.

A copy of the settlement approval papers can be found below.

The deadline to file a claim relating to this case has passed.

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