Arizona Green Tea Ginseng Scam

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The Allegations:

Arizona claims that its green tea contains ginseng for energy. But laboratory test results show that the tea contains minuscule amounts of ginseng, if any ginseng at all. Based on these results, the tea does not contain enough ginseng to promote energy as the company claims.

Our Goals:

Our lawsuit seeks refunds for all purchasers of Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng. It also seeks an injunction preventing further false advertising.


Cases were filed in California and New York in March 2019. The California case was transferred to New York and consolidated with the pending case. Plaintiffs filed a consolidated amended complaint in July 2020. The defendants' motion to dismiss was denied in part. The parties are currently participating in discvoery to prepare for class certification.

Who is Covered:

All persons who, between April 1, 2015 and the present, purchased the Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey in the United States.

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