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The Allegations:

Acer marketed each of its computers as including a specified version of Microsoft Windows, but the computers did not include the complete software. Thus, if the computer's hard drive failed, users were unable to access native Windows recovery features and utilities. Users typically lost all their user-installed applications and user files and were only able to return their computers to a "factory default" setting using the provided software.

The Results:

Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement approved of on February 14, 2012, class members received approximately $280 million in cash and product benefits. Class members could either receive: (i) a CD-rom, designed for their particular Windows operating system, that contains all the Windows recovery features, (ii) a free reinstallation of the operating system on a new hard drive if they had to install a new hard drive, (iii) a free item such as an 8GB USB drive, 720HD webcam, or mini optical mouse, or (iv) reimbursement of money they spent to repair their computers due to a recovery issue, up to $50.

A copy of the Order Granting Final Approval can be found below.

The deadline to file a claim has passed.

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