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Gutride Safier LLP is a nationally recognized law firm headquartered in San Francisco. Our work focuses on consumer class actions, patent litigation, and other complex litigation.

Our attorneys graduated from top law schools and have extensive litigation experience. We have worked for major corporate law firms and the government, clerked for federal courts at the district and appellate levels, taught law school courses, and won significant trials.

Our team is small and nimble, enabling us to outmaneuver law firms many times our size. And we have done so repeatedly. We have provided class members with settlement benefits worth over one billion dollars.

Walmart’s Deceptive Great Value-Brand "Recycling" Drawstring Bags are NOT Recyclable
Legal Newsline, July 17, 2022
Gutride Safier LLP filed a class action lawsuit against Walmart alleging that its Great Value brand "recycling" drawstring bags marketing is false and misleading…

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